Band Nights: Play Live With Your Band

As part of our student programs, Macri School Of Music will create opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels to play with a band in front of a live audience.Band Nights

Macri School Of Music will introduce you to other students who share musical goals to play in a relaxed and supportive environment. If your interest’s lie in writing and performing original music or playing songs by your favorite artists, our instructors will help you fine-tune your chord and rhythm playing, soloing, melodies, harmonies, lyrics and song structure.

We aspire to create a band environment where students compromise, listen, and accept constructive criticism; with these traits, we believe all our students will be more successful in their musical endeavors.

Some highlights you will learn playing with a band is:

  • Learning to play well and compliment band mates
  • Improvising and playing solos
  • Reading charts
  • Using the correct music equipment to get your optimal sound
  • Practice and rehearsel techniques
  • Performing in front of a live audience

Guitar Lessons

Piano Lessons

Bass Lessons