Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar LessonsBeginner

  • Basic Open Chord Positions (Major, Minor and Dominant)
  • Learning To Strum Different Rhythmic Patterns
  • Uses Of A Capo
  • Tuning Your Guitar
  • Learning Your Favorite Songs Through Applications Of Chords And Strumming Patterns
  • Fingerpicking
  • Strumming Techniques
  • Learning And Understanding Chord Symbols
  • How To Play Using Songbooks and Lyric Sheets
  • Learning And Understanding Slash Chords


  • Modern Styles Of Acoustic Guitar Technique (John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, etc)
  • Applying Open Chord Positions Up The Neck
  • Analysis Of 60’s And 70’s Acoustic Guitarist Styles (James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Crosby Stills And Nash, Etc)
  • Barre Chords (Major, Minor And Dominant)
  • Rhythmic Strumming And Placing Accents On Different Beats
  • Open Tunings (Open G, E, D, Etc)
  • Focusing On Your Tone, Touch And Technique
  • Travis Picking Technique (Descending Bass Lines, Dynamic Gestures, Endurance And Consistency)
  • Arpeggios
  • Working With Right Hand Technique


  • Learn The Major Scales In All Keys
  • Study Of Intervals Found In Major Scales
  • Analyze The Form And Structure Of Contemporary And Classic Folk Music
  • Acoustic Blues Soloing
  • Learning Solo Arrangements With Your Favorite Songs
  • Left Hand Dexterity Exercises Designed for Acoustic Guitar
  • Chord Scales (Using chords Within A Scale)
  • Focus On Enhancing Your Acoustic Guitar Playing Using Dynamics
  • Open String Acoustic Guitar Techniques
  • Minor Scale Construction, And Relationship With The Major Scale  

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