Acoustic Nights

Acoustic Guitar Nights: Student PerformancesAcoustic Guitar Nights

Periodically we will gather students of Macri School of Music to perform their favorite acoustic songs in front of a live audience, usually in an intimate coffeehouse environment. This is a great way to apply your new skills in front of friends, family and other musicians.


Watch musical highlights of students at the Macri School Of Music performing a range of music from original to songs by their favorite artists. Recorded live from the Pine Loft Cafe in Berlin, Connecticut.



Taking lessons for live performances can significantly enhance a musician's or performer's skills, confidence, and stage presence. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Skill Improvement:

    • Technique: Lessons focus on refining technical abilities, ensuring precision and control.
    • Versatility: Learning various styles and genres can make a performer more adaptable.
  2. Performance Practice:

    • Mock Performances: Simulated live scenarios help performers get accustomed to performing in front of an audience.
    • Feedback: Instructors provide constructive criticism to help performers improve and correct mistakes in a supportive environment.
  3. Stage Presence:

    • Body Language: Lessons often include tips on maintaining confident and engaging body language on stage.
    • Audience Interaction: Learning how to connect with the audience can make performances more engaging and memorable.
  4. Mental Preparation:

    • Managing Anxiety: Techniques for handling stage fright and performance anxiety are covered.
    • Focus and Mindset: Lessons can help performers develop a focused and positive mindset.
  5. Technical Aspects:

    • Equipment Use: Understanding how to use microphones, monitors, and other stage equipment effectively.
    • Sound Check: Learning the importance of and how to conduct a proper sound check.
  6. Repertoire Selection:

    • Song Choice: Guidance on selecting the right pieces or songs that showcase the performer’s strengths.
    • Set List Planning: Crafting a well-paced set list that maintains audience interest.
  7. Professional Insights:

    • Industry Knowledge: Gaining insights into the music or performance industry, including networking and self-promotion.
    • Career Advice: Practical tips on building a career, from booking gigs to handling contracts.
  8. Consistent Improvement:

    • Regular Practice: Emphasis on regular, structured practice routines.
    • Goal Setting: Setting and achieving specific performance goals.

Taking lessons for live performances can transform an average performer into an exceptional one by providing the necessary skills, confidence, and professionalism required to excel on stage.

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